DHUMBA WIINY fire talk, an audience response

PERCEIVE closely.  THINK critically. CREATE meaning

How do we talk about a performance we experienced? DHUMBA WIINY fire talk is a YIRRAMBOI initiative offering audiences the opportunity to talk about the work they’ve just witnessed – be it a theatre show, dance, concert or visual art work.
Through a facilitated post-show yarn, DHUMBA WIINY fire talk allows our audiences to grow, connect, question, and draw meaningful insight from the artwork they see, creating new language, new voices and opening up new dialogue around how we receive and talk about Indigenous arts.


WE COME TO YOU in Season 2

YIRRAMBOI is partnering with a number of theatres and venues around Melbourne to deliver DHUMBA WIINY fire talk from June 2018. If you or your organisation would like to host DHUMBA WIINY fire talk as part of your program register here