Blood Quantum

Ngioka Bunda-Heath (Wakka Wakka, Ngugi, Biripi)
08–11 May $15–20 1 hr
KIN Commissions

Based on real-life stories from her maternal grandparents who were part of the Stolen Generations, Blood Quantum is a new performance piece choreographed by Ngioka Bunda-Heath. This production is a unique family affair, exploring the childhood stories of Ngioka’s grandparents as recorded and woven into academic research by Professor Tracey Bunda, the artist’s mother.

Blood Quantum examines the brutality of Australia’s government-sponsored displacement and relocation of Aboriginal youth, and its impact across three generations. When you grow up having to justify your connection to culture, are you less than Aboriginal, less than white or something in between?

Ngioka trained with Bangarra Dance Company’s Youth Program, currently dances for DubaiKungkaMiyalk (DKM) and has performed internationally as an independent artist. Blood Quantum was developed at Arts House Melbourne as part of the Indigenous Choreographers Residency.


Wheelchair Accessible


  • Choreographer/Dancer: Ngioka Bunda-Heath
  • Lecturer: Tracey Bunda
  • Dramaturg: Eva Grace Mullaley
  • Lighting Designer: Rachel Lee
  • Sound Engineer: Daniel Nixon
  • Movement/Dance Director: Rinske Ginsberg

Additional Info

Blood Quantum is a YIRRAMBOI KIN Commission. It has been supported by City of Melbourne through YIRRAMBOI Festival and the Arts Grants Program, the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria, and Lucy Guerin Inc. The development was supported by The Wilin Centre at Victorian College of the Arts, Dancehouse and Brunswick Mechanics Institute.