Brothers in Arms

Brothers In Arms (Australia, New Zealand, West Papua, Tonga, Philippines)
Barring Yanabul

Brothers in Arms is a powerful First Nations hip-hop crew, united with the common aim of empowering young people and strengthening bonds. With a dynamic membership encompassing five First Nation cultures – Aboriginal, Tongan, West Papuan, New Zealand and the Philippines – Brothers in Arms combine the depth of traditional dance and song with the electric energy of urban street performance. Through freestyle dance, rapping, beatboxing and singing, this crew encourage all First Nations in our community to unite.


Wheelchair Accessible


  • Dancer: Phillip Egan
  • Dancer: Taylor Diamondlaod
  • Dancer: Kiki Targe
  • Dancer: Jamane Virdo
  • Dancer: ChrisXandrei
  • Dancer: Mikee Damaso
  • Dancer: Dylan Potter
  • Singer: Breanna Lee