Critical Conversations

09 May Free 2 hrs

Curator Paola Balla and artist Arika Waulu host Critical Conversations, a wide-ranging public panel conversation and Q&A on self-determination in First Nation arts.

With significant under-representation of Koorie people in senior curator, artistic director and leadership roles of Koorie and Aboriginal arts organisations, galleries, programs and projects, Critical Conversations examines the causes and effects. From a low base of investment and resourcing to develop Koorie talent, to a lack of structural support to enable experienced Koorie professionals to take up leadership positions, this is a crucial discussion for Indigenous and non-Indigenous practitioners alike.

Based on years of conversations and concerns between Koorie women, Critical Conversations acknowledges our Ancestors, Koorie Families, Matriarchs & Koorie People as central to this work.

Critical Conversations aims to take action work towards outcomes including policy development and guidelines around cultural rights and contributing to future national arts policies and directions.


Wheelchair Accessible