Kitchen Table

United Indigenations Collective
06–10 May Free

Kitchen Table is an installation that intersects with the artists and participants in YIRRAMBOI Festival, in a simple but meaningful cultural exchange of language, story and sustenance – constructed around the medium of the ‘kitchen table’. The installation forms part of a cultural laboratory, to further develop global Indigenous dialogue on processes and protocols of practice across and within international contexts.

There is a Gàidhlig proverb that translates as ‘the bonds of milk are stronger than the bonds of blood.’

The social and cultural value of this proverb expresses that our nurturing through sharing cultural practice plays a significant and vital social role in community sustenance and safety. The Kitchen Table also symbolises this across cultures. Respectful sharing of food and drink, songs and stories (including with strangers) sustains and creates oral traditions and practices of knowing.

Kitchen Table is a space to share cultural food and knowledge to nourish cultural friendship and relations across global and Australian First Nations peoples during YIRRAMBOI Festival.


  • Artist: Jen Rae
  • Artist: Jason Baerg
  • Artist: James Oliver