02–12 May $0–15

The Art of Mulkun Wirrpanda and John Wolseley

Midawarr means ‘harvest’ in the Yolgnu matha (language); it is the season when rich plant life on Yolgnu country is ready to be collected and prepared.

Mulkun Wirrpanda and John Wolseley have met every midawarr for the past five years to research and document the useful and delicious plants that, for centuries, have sustained communities in this unique part of the continent.

This exhibition presents their complementary responses to plants and the environment, and ushers in a new phase of Australian landscape painting. Midawarr inspires viewers to think about the way we use, connect, value and understand our environment.


Wheelchair Accessible


  • Artist: Mulkun Wirrpanda
  • Artist: John Wolseley