Negotiating Home x Red Earth

Carly Sheppard (Kurtjar, Wallangamma, Takaluk and Kunjin), TAI Body Theatre (Truku, Pinuyumayan, SaiSiyat, Atayal, Paiwan and Rukai)
10–11 May Free 50 minutes
Pulima Arts Festival

In this dynamic double bill, local performance artist and recent Green Room Award winner Carly Sheppard, and founder of Taiwan’s TAI Body Theatre Watan Tusi, showcase two challenging new choreography pieces.

Negotiating Home is a new solo work from Carly, a reflection on the impossibility of domesticity and routine for a highly medicated performance artist, a navigation of absolute contrasts sand-papering each other inside the one body.

In collaboration, Carly and Watan present Red Earth, a timely dystopian dance piece inspired by Taiwanese First Nation writer Ising Suaiyung’s novel of the same name. As human beings, we populate our habitat with rubbish and materials that will not break down. Eventually humans and waste matter become indistinguishable…

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Wheelchair Accessible


  • Choreographer: Watan Tusi
  • Choreographer: Carly Sheppard
  • Producer: Ising Suaiyung
  • Body Painting Design: Jia-Ti Chen
  • Performer: Yuan Lo
  • Performer: Hao Jan Sung
  • Performer: Peng Wei Ba
  • Performer: Yuan Hsiang Lin

Additional Info

Presented by YIRRAMBOI Venue Partner: Chunky Move.

Taiwan Focus program supported by the City of Melbourne through YIRRAMBOI Festival and the Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation through Pulima Art Festival and the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan (Republic of China).