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VACL Symposium: Our Mother Tongue

Lee Healy
08 May Free 6 hrs

The languages of First Peoples from Victoria are no longer spoken as a first language, the result of colonisation and assimilation as they were not allowed to be spoken in public, schools or on missions.

Presenter Lee Healy was born at Alexandra, Victoria and has been living in Healesville ever since. She is a proud Dhagung Wurrung Elder, traditional weaver and cultural knowledge holder. Her Country is Dhagung Wurrung (Taungurung) which is centred in the middle of Victoria.

Between 2007 to 2011 she compiled an analytical dictionary for Dhagung Wurrung (Taungurung) community. The dictionary had a wordlist of about 200 words. Over the years Lee has continued to collect words from primary and secondary sources, reviving and reclaiming Dhagung Wurrung (Taungurung) language back to the community where it belongs.

Lee holds a Bachelor of Arts in linguistics and anthropology with a specialisation in linguistics, and specifically in phonological reconstruction. Her passion for languages has given her a great opportunity to work with communities who want to learn their own endangered language. Reclamation and revitalisation of an endangered Indigenous language is a very powerful statement. Lee’s mission is to take an oral tradition and turn it into a written statement, so our languages can never be lost or taken from us again.


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  • Presenter: Lee Healy

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The Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages (VACL) and YIRRAMBOI Festival present Victorian Aboriginal Languages lectures series.