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Weaving Workshop by Labay Eyong

Labay Eyong (Truku, Taiwan)
05 May Free 90 minutes
Pulima Arts Festival YIRRAMBOI Weelam

Learn Taiwanese First Nations thread weaving techniques in a workshop with Truku artist Labay Eyong. Bring an old object with you from home, and transform it into an artwork.

Labay is a Truku woman from Ihownang village in Hualien, Taiwan. She inherited knowledge of traditional Truku weaving culture and pays respect through her art to the female Elders who taught her these practices. Labay’s practice is intuitive and sensuous, and she privileges these qualities over the rational, freeing her from the limitations of the physical object.

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Wheelchair Accessible




  • Artist: Labay Eyong

Additional Info

Taiwan Focus program supported by the City of Melbourne through YIRRAMBOI Festival and the Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation through Pulima Art Festival and the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan (Republic of China).