William Elm (Kabi Kabi/Yidinjdji)
Barring Yanabul

Yauar is a durational musical drone improvised piece by Kabi Kabi avant-composer William Elm. Using accordion in evocation of spirit, place and energy, William’s hypnotic six-hour performance will be an ever-changing unique piece of live art – an immersive sonic experience. The audience is invited to come and go as they please, to witness ideas come to life in real time.

Yauar is the Kabi Kabi word for ‘song’ and ‘corroboree’, and for this piece, William draws on a previous eight-hour piano improvisation Sustenance, his experience as a queer autistic Blackfulla and his ability to connect audiences through moments of transcendence.

Update to previously advertised information: this event is now outside Council House 2.


Wheelchair Accessible


  • Creator/Performer: William Elm