Kalinda (Gal) Palmer

Collaborations Producer

Kalinda (Gal) Palmer | Nyikina/Jabbirr Jabbirr

Gal is an multidisciplinary artist and environmental ambassador. Through the intersection of arts, social politics and culture, Gal’s industry endeavour empowers and supports other young creatives and artistic movements to inspire and promote social change within our global First Nations communities. Gal strives for First Nations exchange and empowerment both locally and internationally, respecting and celebrating the diversity of First Nations people as we flourish from the power of collaboration.

Gal has successfully contributed to the delivery of a number of creative platforms, including Arts Centre Melbourne, Arts House and Deadly Fringe. By means of these platforms, her work and contribution continues to commonly reflect the worldly themes of Decolonisation, First Nations futurism and the empowerment of young people.

“Being from the Kimberley, Western Australia, I am honoured to be embedded within the YIRRAMBOI team, under the guidance and wisdom of Traditional Owners, Elders and Local Leaders.”